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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 28, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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no carrier nuclear program about. >> we don't believe ring had no carrier ring that they can present convincing evidence that it's no c only if peaceful ring purposes. no carrier extradition ring fight. swisser land ring may no carrier extradite roman no car polanski to the uts 31 years after he fled to escape justice. ri >> he was no carrier ring a no carrier ring fugitive. and just hanging no around. a man ring no carrier ring takes a har rowing stroll and winds up hanging on for dear life. no carrier ring no carrier no s if is this the cbs > morning ring news no carrier ring for monday, september 28th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring good morning. no c thank you for joining us. i'm karen brown in for ring no carrier michelle gielan. iran is being called on the > international carpet this week no car for throughouting u.n. security ring no carrier ring council resolutions about its nuclear program, butt country's leaders remain both ring defiant and no carrier belligerent. whitt johnson has more from washington. good morning, whitt. no carrier >> reporter: karen, good ri morning.
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iran has been no c test firing those missiles no carri and successfully according to ring tehran. the war games no car are only increasing ring tensions among the u.s. and its no carrier ring no carrier ri allies. iran upped the no carrier stakes early this morning, ring reportedly test firing a no carri long range missile capable of reaching israel and u.s. no carri military bases in the gulf no carrier region. >> > sometimes countries like ri iran and north korea will make in kind of macho show of ri no carriforce, largely for ring domestic purposes before they make no carrier ring a no carrier ringconcession. >> reporter: the country spent all weekend flexing its ring military no carrier muscle firing more than 400 short and no c medium range missiles. the ring tests come just no carrier days ri after president obama no revealed to the world that iran is ri building an underground nuclear no carrier facility near the holy city ri of no carrier ring no carqom. iran's president claims the site is just for electric ringfrisity, butt u.s. isn't buying it. no carrier >> it certainly is hard to accept that at > face rivalue. >> reporter: u.s. officials will have a chance to question iran this ring thursday. no
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that's when iranian leaders will meet with ring no carrier representatives of six major ringpowers. it will be iran's no c first direct negotiations with the u.s. in 30 years. >> and if we don't get the answers that we are expecting and the changes in no behavior that ring no carrier we're > ring no carrier looking for, then we will look with our partners to move toward no carrier ring sanctions. >> reporter: the u.s. will need cooperation from russia and no china to enforce toucher sanctions. u.s. military officials also no carrier maintain the best approach ring would be diplomacy no car rather than military action. >> the reality is there is no carrier no no military option > ring no carrier that does anything ring no carrier more than buy ringtime. >> reporter: but time is of the no carrier essence to reach a ring compromise. u.s. officials estimate iran is only one to five years away from having no carrier nuclear ring no carrier no c weapons > ring capability. and the u.s. and other world leaders will approach iran on thursday no carrier as ring part of the no carrier p5 plus 1, but iran says ring it will not discuss its nuclear no carrier rights about. karen? >> whitt johnson in washington. no carrier thank you. ring
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in the no carrier philippine no carrier > manila and many other ring northern towns are one vast no c and dangerous ring mud puddle this morning. no carrier weekend flooding from tropical ring storm ketsana left the capital a wash. nearly 17 inches of rain fell in just 12 hours. the floods killed at least ri 100 people hundreds of no carrier thousands are homeless. the u.s. military ri is helping with rescue efforts. now no carrier > to afghanistan and the intense debate inside the no carrier obama ring administration over whether to commit more u.s. troops to ring battle. the top u.s. no carrier commander there is thought to be seeking ring thousands more no carri reinforcements. general stanley ring mcchrystal says to win the no cwar, u.s. ring no carri forces must protect afghan civilians from taliban attacks. reporting for > ring60 minutes, david no carrier martin asked ring mcchrystal what he'd do if the mission no proved impossible. >> can you imagine ring ever saying no carrier to the president of the united states sir, we just ring doesn't do it? >> no carrier yes, i can. and if i no c felt that way, the day i feel that way, the day i'm sure i feel that no carrier no carrier > way, i'll tell him that.
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>> to avoid ring that outcome the no car afghan army and police must play no carrier ring an ever larger role in ring stabilizing their country no carrier ring but that, too, is a goal easier no c said than done as mandy clark no car reports from kabul. >> reporter: this is what u.s. no carrier > ri commanders in no car afghanistan fear the most. a weak no carrier afghan police force. in cell phone video obtained by no carri cbs news police are seen ring no car surrendering their ring no carrier weapons and ammunition to the ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carri taliban. the minister of the ring interior no car spokesman says the incident is ri under investigation. he no carrier says the tape is authentic but doesn't tell ring the whole story. these scenes it took place after ring a fierce firefight where two police were killed and no carrier > ring three wounded. >> they were ring scared no c to be ring protected they submitted whatever they no had with them. ri >> reporter: the no carrier ring perform afternoons afghan national security forces is crucial no c to the new strategy here. there will never be enough american ring boots on on the ground
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no to mount an no carrier effective > counter ring no car insurgency campaign in ring this no carrier mountainous and vast country. the new u.s. plan relies heavily on no boosting numbers of ring afghan no carrier forces. the plan ring no carrier ring no carrier commanders here would no carri see police numbers double from 78,000 to 160,000 no carrier by ring next year. along with a no carrier bolstered army. ring that would be a no total of 400,000 no carri afghans ring no c in ring uniform. but no c numbers alone will not win this war. the whole force no carrier needs > ring more no car training and every officer needs to believe that they are a ring part no carrier ring of the new afghanistan and it's worth fighting for. mandy clark, are ring no carrier cbs news, kabul. no carrier columnist ring and language maven no car william safire has died. no carrier > ring safire began as a speechwriter in the nixon white house and went on to ring a pulitzer prize winning ring no carrier career as a conservative columnist for the "new york ring no carrier ring times" no carrier times". he also delighted fans of american english with his rye
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commentary on ring words and usage no carrier in a second no carrier > times ri column on no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring usage. he died of pancreatic cancer at 79. just ahead a deficit for social security. detail ring no c mis"moneywatch." plus fumg difference film maker roman polanski under arrest. but first, katie couric has a no c review of > tonight's ring no carrier "cbs evening news." a family thought their pelt had died in a horrible ring car crash, but ella the dog, refused to give up. she not only escaped death, but found her way home and that was just the ring no beginning of this heart ring warming no carrier tale. assignment america now on ri monday, tonight only on the "cbs evening news." no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier how many washes did it take cheer brightclean ring to get this from dingy to bright? no carrier ring ten. seven. it's six. no carrier why? why is... one... yeah! hundred. ring no carrier no. ring cheer brightclean.
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no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier announcer: what if you could rewrite your hair's past and give it a whole new life? no carrier > introducing a transformation in hair care. no carrier ring no carrier new aveeno nourish plus. ring only aveeno has harnessed the power no carri of active naturals' wheat complex in formulas that target and fortify the weakest parts of hair, ring no carrier proven to help visibly repair damage in just three washes. no carrier ring no carrier - for stronger, shinier-- - hair with life. no carrier > ring announcer: write a new story for your hair. no carri the new aveeno nourish plus collection. ring that's the beauty of nature and science. no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring don't try this at home no carrier or anywhere else for that no c matter. this man climbed > to the top of ring a huge suspension bridge in no carrier toledo ohio ring saturday. traffic was shut down below him as police tried to get had him down. the man ring slipped several times, but he held on until he ring finally got down
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with a little nohelp. it's not known why he went up there no carrier in the first ring place. on the cbs no carrier "moneywatch," asian stocks were in the red no this morning. ross palombo is here in new york with who are. > good among, ross. >> reporter: good morning, no care. asian stock ring no carri markets sank this morning on last week's ring disappointing news with u.s. no carrier manufacturing and weaker than expected home sale. ring japan's nikkei closed down ring 256 no carrier points. on wall street ring friday, the dow also closed down 42 no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring points. the nasdaq lost almost 17. no for the first time since 1980 social security is probably heading in to the red. the congressional budget office says big job losses and a ri spike in early retirement will mean that the fund ring will payout more than it takes in no over the next two years. no carrier > ring no carrier payments to retirees won't be ring affected, though because the no car social security pool still has a ring $2.5 no carrier ring trillion surplus. on capitol hill no carrier this week federal reserve chairman ring no carrier ben bernanke will defend the central bank and its ring no carrier powers. he'll testify before a house
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committee that's > looking to reform bank regulations. no carrier bernanke is ring expected to owe pose a measure seeking to no carrier remove the fed's authority to no carrier ring supervise no car banks. walmart may be the new symbol of ring america. a 60 no carrier minutes vanity fair poll says more than half of those asked chose the discount > ring retailer no carrier ring has the institution that best symbolizes no carrier the country over google microsoft and even the nfl. the poll also ring suggests that a no carrier majority is okay with taxing the ring no nation's richest people by ring no at least 50%. and even in death, > ring michael jack son is no carrier selling out. ring no carrier ticket sales to advanced no carrier screenings of the music no carrier documentary "this is ring it" no carrier were all gone within j ri two hours on no carrier no carrier > sunday. fans like lined up three ring no c days early to get one of ring just look 3,000 seats. the film opens nationwide on october 24th and even before the curtain rises kaern, it's already turning out to be quite a thriller. >> yeah you notice no carrier
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ross, if the clips ring showed anything during the no memorial, that really was going to be no carrier quite a show. ross palombo here in nouk. > thank ring you. the no carri governments of france and poland are ring urging no car swiss ring authorities to release roman no carrier polanski instead of sending him ring to the u.s. to face rape charges. as ben tracy reports the case no goes back more than 30 years to ri a time when polanski was one of no carrier hollywood's no carrier > ring no carrier ring biggest no carrier names. ring >> reporter: he became famous as the no director of such classics as ring china town and no carrier ring no carrier rosemary's baby. no car but ever since 1978 no c roman polanski has been > ring infamous for having no carrier sex with a ring 13-year-old girl and fleeing the united states. the 76-year-old director was no carrier arrested saturday in switzerland ring no c on his way to the zurich ring no carrier ring film festival. he may not be extradited back to the u.s. >> he was no carrier a fugitive. now he's no longer a > ring fugitive. he was arrested no carrier pursuant to a warrant issue over three no carrier ring decades
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ago. >> reporter: he's lived in his native france for no carrier ring no carrier those past three decades where authorities would not arrest him. he ring continued his work no carrier garnering a best director no carri oscar for "the no carrier > ring no c pianist." if brought back to the u.s. now ring he may face time behind bars. no carrier ring polanski's life has often made no headlines. he was married ring to actress sharon tate when she was murdered by ring no carri followers of charles manson some ring 1969. it was eight years later that the director was no carri accused of drugging and raping the no carrier 13-year-old girl he was ring photographing. he pled no carri guilty to unlawful sexual ring intercourse in no c 1978 and was sent to to prison for 42 ring days of no carrier evaluation. he fled the ring country when the judge tried no car to renig on the ring plea bar no carrier ring begin. he talked to no carrier 60 no carrier > minutes about it in 1978. >> he ran no caraway roman. ring you ran no carrier ring no carrier ring away. ring no carrier >> ring no carrier well, i ran away no carrier > ring because i think that i was very no carrier unfortunate ring no carrier
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ring to have a judge who no carrier misused justice. >> reporter: the judge is now dead and even ring polanski's victim has asked that no carrier the charges be ring dropped. >> i had a long time on no carrier get over it and i ring wouldn't want to carry hard feelings around with no carrier me for my whole life. no carrier >> reporter: > polanski has usually been careful not to travel to cubs no that may send him back to the united states but last week when ri the no carrier ring no carrier ring no ring nol.a. district attorney's office found out he was travel to go zurich, they sent a warrant for his arrest and swiss ring no carrier authorities agreed to follow it. no carrier > ri ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. no carrier and in sports, wife seen this before, the yankees book their spot in the postseason. ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier
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no carrier sports ring no car begins with the nfl and detroit's first win in nearly no carri two years. the lions took an ring early lead over washington as no carrier matthew stafford threw to no carrier brian rijohnson. maurice morris also no car scored as detroit ended a 19 no carrier game losing streak no carrier ring 19-14. no carrier ri fran's sean hill no carri truth to vernon davis to take the lead over minnesota in the fourth ring quarter, but brett favre no carrier didn't quit. he never does right? his no touchdown pass to greg > lewis ri with two seconds to go beat the 49ers ring no carrier 27-24. in ribaseball the yankees missed the no cplayoffs last ring no carrier year, but not this year. ring no carri at attian keys stadium, matt sue i's two run sink go put the yanks behind the boston in the sixth. they went on to clinch the american league east by no carrier beating the red sox ring 4-237 and in no carrier ring no carrier golf, the tour chafrn i don't know ship had two big ring winners sun. no car phil mickelson shot a final route 65 no carrier to come from behind and win the tournament. ring tiger woods finished second which was good enough no carrier
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to give him the entire fedexcup and, no carri > yes, a $10 million ring bonus. as if he no c needed the money. when we return, another look at this ring morning's top no carrier stories and ring pregnant women offering themselves as no carrier guinea pigs to test the h1n1 vaccine. ring no carrier ring no carrier pollen. when i really liked to be outside, ring i did not like suffering from nasal allergy symptoms like congestion. no carrier no carrier > but nasonex relief may i say... ring no carrier ring bee-utiful! no carrier ring prescription nasonex is proven no carrier to help relieve indoor and outdoor ring nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny no car and itchy nose and sneezing. ring (announcer) side effects were generally mild and included headache. viral infection, no carrier sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. ring ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. no carrier no car and save up to $15 off your refills. > ring no carrier go to for details, terms and conditions. ring no carrier ring no carrier for all the moments that make every day special. ring no carrier fancy feast introduces ring an entirely new way to celebrate any moment. ring no carrier fancy feast appetizers. > ring no carrier simple high quality ingredients ring like wild alaskan salmon ring no car white meat chicken
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ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > on the ring no carrier "cbs morning news," here is a look at ring today's weather. it will feel like no carrier early november around the central great lakes. a cold no carrier ring howling wind will whip across the no region along with some rain and late day storms will had develop across new england. no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier here's another look at this morning's top no carrier stories. iran's ring military test fired more no missiles today, including one capable of no reaching > israel and u.s. bases in ring no carrier the region. and film no carrier director roman ring polanski remain this is no carrier police custody in switzerland. he could be extradited
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to the u.s. to face charges ring involving no c sex with an ring underaged girl 31 no carrier years ago. as drug manufacturers struggle > to come up with enough no carrier h1n1 flu vaccine to go around testing is no carrier still going on for ring one especially no vulnerable group pregnant ring will. no carrier nancy cordes ring no carrier has ring that story. >> reporter: erin's family no carrier and friends didn't no carrier exactly unde$&tand her decision. >> ring a lot of people were a little ring nervous. >> reporter: mahoney is no c expecting her second child, but chose to enroll in a ring clinical trial for the no carrier ring h1n1 no carrier ring no carrier vaccine. a trial specifically for pregnant ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier will. no carrier >> i saw no reason to be ring no carrier ring nervous. >> reporter: brie an felt the same way. >> i think the no carrier ring benefits of receiving it now and possibly not getting swine flu ri is much greater no carrier than the risk of this no carrier > ring vaccine. >> reporter: their flu risk is no carrier frightening. pregnant women make up no carrier 1% of the general ring population but 5% of
4:51 am
the flu deaths. ri and their risk of hospitalization is four times ring no car higher. which is why ribuchanan who is seven months pregnant, agreed to no be a no c guinea pig even though > she ring knows that all new vaccines can carry some risk. >> i feel like flu vaccines are well researched and well used so i feel very ring no comfortable getting a new flu ring vaccine. >> reporter: clinical trials like no this one are rare. drugs and ring vaccines aren't no carrier often tested on pregnant ri women. >> there's no carrier real concerns about the safety > ring no carrier of ring medications for the development no carrier ring of the no c ring no carrier fetus. no carrier ring many will remember that no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no c phlemedite sdags ter. >> we though ring no carrier ring there really isn't a concern for risk did your praeg nancy. >> reporter: and doctors say the no c vaccine may be the only protection newborns have against the ri disease. no carrier still, for many expectant ring moms who have sworn off no everything from no carrier soda to sushi, getting ring the vaccine may no carrier cause a little
4:52 am
sanction anxiety. but not for no carrier brian or ring her no carrier husband. >> he has ring wanted to some somehow sneak some out of duke testing, so this is a ring no carrier much more legal way of doing about it. ring no carrier >> reporter: up to 120 women will part state in the trials and > they're definitely not doing for the money. they're getting only $180 each. man si core ridecember cbs news, new york. after no a high profile leak in new york no carrier and pittsburgh ring president obama is back in washington and last night he decided to go sight seeing.first family and some of their friends no carrier visited the jefferson ring memorial no carrier no carrier > ring and the washington monument after dark. got they think about going so late you don't have to no carrier wait in line. this morning ring on "the early show," form every actress no carrier ring no carrier ring mackenzie phillips on her new memoir. i'm karen brown and this is the "cbs morning news." no carrier ring no carrier ring d you like to go for a ride on that bike ? ok ! ok. no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier whoooa, heyyy ! see, the terms require that you keep the bike ring no car within this pre-determined space. ring if you want to take the bike out, i'm going to have to charge you a penalty. no carrier
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. >> seasonal. the first morning weather
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center. >> good morning. looking at first warning life doppler we have a nice, calm morning. very cool. while we have nothing here, what is going to bring a change to the forecast is just to the west. you see that front moving in our direction along with the chance for rain. when it gets here it will feel like fall with temperatures reaching 79. we have a nice day in store. the forecast coming up in just a few minute. >> a murder suicide, a man murders his family before taking his own life. speeders beware, baltimore stay reveals the first speed camera, where drivers will want to start hitting the brakes. >> and raven nation is celebrating another win. mark viviano joins us with game highlights. more new, first warning weather, and the traffic report in a few minutes.
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. this is wjz, wjzdt. now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first warning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it is wjz. it is the last monday in september as you look at the stadium where the ravens had a big win yesterday. it is meteorologist tim williams in nor marty bass. definitely looking at the last monday as don mentioned of september feeling like probably the last monday of summer as well. it will be the warmest day of the week, and with that we will have a change moving in our direction temperature wise. we are talk about it in just a moment. but


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